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The Four Pillars of Health

Addressing the four pillars of health daily will maximise your potential for healthy living and can help minimise the effect of the traumas, toxins and the thoughts that cause nerve interference.

The Four Pillars of Health are:

shutterstock_6043597The body needs to be fuelled with the highest quality ingredients in order to function optimally. A body fuelled with healthy fruit and vegetables will always work more effectively than one fuelled with take-away food and cigarette smoke. No one would intentionally put the wrong fuel into a car and expect it to run well, so why would anyone put poor quality building blocks (food) into their system? The old saying goes “You are what you eat”; this is a fact. High energy fruit and vegetables intake results in a healthy body and mind – fast foods reduce energy and clog the arteries. Knowing these facts helps us to make the correct choices in food which, in turn, take us to a healthier lifestyle.

There needs to be some degree of physical fitness in order to maximise health. Just 30 minutes of physical activity each day can significantly enhance your health and wellness. Physical exercise can lead to:

  • Increased bone strength
  • Increased physical work capacity (your ability to perform physical work)
  • An Increased range of motion or flexibility of the joints
  • An Improved sense of well being
  • Increased muscular strength
  • Improved glucose regulation (very favourable for diabetics)
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Improved sleep patterns and levels of anxiety
  • Making you feel better
  • To view a set of stretches and exercises to help improve overall posture, view the Straighten Up UK video here


Straighten Up UK

Balanced Thought

Each of us is exposed to emotionally stressful situations in our daily life; how we respond to these stressors will impact on our bodies in dramatically different ways. Imagine you are driving along and someone cuts you off – you could respond by yelling abuse, beeping the horn and waiving your fist, but is it really helping your ‘peaceful’ state of mind?

Another approach could be to back off, accept that they are in hurry, and listen to some relaxing music. Who would you rather be; the stressed potential heart-attack victim or the one with lower blood pressure; lower heart rate; less nervous system interference and overall balance? It is really ‘NO CONTEST’.

Brain/Body Communication

How well is your brain working in harmony with your body? The brain controls the function of every cell in the entire body. If communication with the brain is reduced, cells cannot function at their peak. If nerve supply to a muscle is reduced, it is logical to understand that the muscle may not be as strong as it should be. If nerve supply to an organ is reduced, then that organ will not do its job as well as it should.

If you choose to be adjusted regularly at your chiropractor you can enjoy a life with your spine functioning correctly and with negligible nerve interference. Better communication between brain and body means a better quality of life.