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Why do we get spinal misalignments

Why do we get spinal misalignments (aka : subluxation)? ‘The Three T s’

All spinal misalignments occur due to a combination of three stresses on the body. These are sometimes referred to as the ‘Three T s’ of subluxation.

1. Trauma (physical)
2. Toxins (chemical)
3. Thoughts (emotional)

The amounts of each may vary, but all three components are present with all subluxations.

  • The TRAUMA of repetitive strains like poor posture or injuries, place bio-mechanical stress on the supportive tissues of the vertebral motion segment.
  • TOXINS from tobacco, alcohol, drugs, food preservatives, chemical pesticides and additives place considerable stress on the delicate chemical balance within the body. This contributes to the subluxation complex through a mechanism called the viscero-somatic reflex.
  • THOUGHTS have the potential to be the most significant and detrimental stress with regard to contributing to the subluxation complex. Emotional stress leads to neurological and physiological changes in the body (e.g. Increased heart rate, increased muscle tone, nervousness, decreased gastro-intestinal function, breathing changes and so on.) All of these responses change nervous system function and will affect the body.

A cause may appear to be singular (e.g. a car accident), but there is obvious emotional stress associated with a trauma and on a cellular level, chemical changes are also occurring in the way of inflammation. The physical component of the subluxation can be sitting silently in the spine and have no apparent symptoms attached to it. This can be slowly compromising your health and healing potential.