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Definitions of health

shutterstock_146971178What is Health?
Where is your health right now?
How do you measure your health?
The World health organization states health as: complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

According to Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, the definition of health is, “An optimal state of physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Dr. Thomas M. Rau, Paracelsus Clinic
In Biological Medicine, “illness is defined as a loss of regulatory capacity: that is, the inability to correctly respond to a wide variety of internal, environmental and lifestyle factors….Healing is defined as restoration of regulatory capacity”.

Collins English Dictionary
Health is the state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free from disease.
When asked “What is health?” Most people find it hard to define. Usually health is linked to symptoms and if an individual is symptom free they feel “Alright at the moment”, “Not too bad thanks” or “I feeling much better”. These responses let us know how they are measuring their health but not actually what is going on inside.

Consider what the following have in common; Heart Disease, Cancer, Osteoporosis and Dental Cavities?

Condition AriseWhen Pain or Symptoms First
Heart DiseaseHeart Attack / Stroke
CancerLump or Unusual Pain
Dental CavitiesInflammation / Nerve Root pain

Normally, the first sign that there is a problem is when the condition is firmly established. Which leads us to the premise that…..
How you feel is not a great way to assess your health! This is why dentists routinely look for cavities; why medical doctors test blood pressure and pulse; and why Chiropractors check your spine. The majority of patients we see have the problem before the pain. As Chiropractors we emphasise prevention over cure.

Another definition of ‘Health’ is that it is the body’s ability to accurately assess and appropriately respond to life’s stressors. Many of these survival adaptations centre around THE BRAIN AND SPINAL CORD. They are very delicate structures and need to be protected via bone, muscle and other tissues. They also are surrounded by a fluid, which is termed CEREBROSPINAL FLUID (CSF).

There is a very special function that occurs within the human body that is extremely important for good health and well-being. It is the circulation throughout the nervous system of this fluid. It provides nutrition to the nerves (like blood does for the muscles), removes toxins affecting the brain or spinal cord (like the lymphatic system does for the body) and protects all areas from pressure damage (like the muscles and rib cage do for our organs) This circulation of CSF is PARAMOUNT to HEALTH. Specific distortions causing a breakdown of this circulation to occur can lead to the interference of the NERVOUS SYSTEM, and hence a DETERIORATION IN HEALTH.

Chiropractic is an independent primary health care profession which specializes on the Neuro- musculo-skeletal system. Spinal mis-alignments (Vertebral subluxations) throughout the physical body can interfere with the brain’s communication to every organ, muscle, tissue, system, gland and cell. Your Chiropractor will use adjustments to restore joint function and reduce the effects of these misalignments, thus enabling the body to approach a better more optimal health potential.