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How Long Will I Take To Improve?

There is no definite answer to this question; every case is different. In most cases your doctor may be able to give you an estimate of the approximate time it will take to expect a change.

In most instances, the patient’s concept of “being well” is to be free of symptoms that caused the patient to come to the chiropractors office in the first place. It is common for a person to come to a chiropractor after having spent weeks in pain while seeking relief with drugs and other types of therapy. If that approach proves ineffective, the patient seeks chiropractic treatment, often as a last resort.

After seeking a careful examination and treatment, some patients feel significant improvement rather quickly. It is often natural for such patients to think they are already well. There is, however, much more to illness than pain.
Patients should ask these questions: “why did I get sick in the first place?” What caused this problem to develop?” “Is it possible that this problem has been developing for a long time?” “How can I avoid these problems in the future?” Doctors of chiropractic teach that we should try to determine the underlying cause of the problem and attempt to correct it, rather than try to remove the symptoms and have you “think” you are well.

How long it will take to actually “get well” or improve, depends on many factors such as lifestyle, weight, age, and how long the condition has been present. Other factors such as living habits, occupation, genetics, attitude, and of course your cooperation, will all contribute to the time required for you to improve. Your doctor of chiropractic will suggest an individualized program designed to help your recovery in the shortest possible time, and then provide information to keep you healthy.