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When chiropractic was first introduced to the world in 1896, it represented a new and different approach to the challenges of health care. Prior to that time, the approach was centred upon specific diseases. People tended to think of a specific treatment for each known disease.

Chiropractic has given the world a different and drug less concept of health, stressing the fact that many disease processes begin with the body’s inability to adapt to its environment. Chiropractic’s approach to health was not to look for the cure in drugs or chemicals, but to locate an area that was deficient in nerve supply, nutrition or circulation. Without unfettered nerve supply, the body is not able to perform to its full potential.

The unique benefit of chiropractic’s clinical approach has allowed millions of people to regain good health often after other methods have failed. There may be times, however, when your body is not able to overcome a condition that has overwhelmed it’s defence mechanisms. Then the efforts of drugs or surgery may be warranted. When this occurs, your chiropractors will refer you to the appropriate type of health practitioner for your particular problem. Your chiropractors training enables Him/ Her to advise you in these matters, so feel free to discuss your health problems at any time.

Many people think that chiropractors work mainly orthopaedic type conditions, such as backache, sciatica, shoulder/neck/arm pain, headache, whiplash and disc problems. For these conditions, one should try chiropractic. The art of manipulation of the spine and extremities has been valued by patients and doctors since the time of Hippocrates. Other functional disorders such as those that involve organs and internal glands of the body may also, in some cases, respond to chiropractic care.

If you are suffering from a condition that is not responding to conventional care, you may benefit from a trial of chiropractic care. At Omagh chiropractic your Chiropractor would be pleased to discuss your conditions with you to determine if care may be appropriate in your individual case.

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Hand and Wrist complaints

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Hip & Knee Pain

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