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Emma McCaul- Chiropractic Assistant

Profile-EmmaHi my name is Emma McCaul and I joined the team at Omagh Chiropractic in May 2012. Before I began work here I had a view that Chiropractic care was only for treating sore backs and it wasn’t long before I discovered how wrong I was. Through my growth within the practice I have learned the benefits of Chiropractic care and this has impacted greatly on my family and social life. Being a busy married mum of 2 children, I have noticed a great change in the health of myself, children, husband and father who all enjoy the benefits of Chiropractic care.

Outside work I am very socially active and enjoy Pilates, Zumba, travelling and spending time with my family & friends. When I have a quiet moment to myself I like to indulge in a good book.

I am very much a people person and it gives me great pleasure to see the benefits that patients get from their treatment and I feel very fortunate to be working in a profession that I enjoy and believe in. There is nothing more rewarding than having someone come in to our clinic in need and then seeing them gradually transform into a healthy, happy person again. I love it when we can help those that are sceptical about Chiropractic care and especially those that come to us “as a last resort”, and how they will often get the positive results they never thought were possible.